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The series was designed as a continuation of the original star trek aka st. The downloads from these websites are counted so that we can determine how popular our episodes are. The god thing, his proposal for the first trek film. Full of neverbeforeseen color artwork, storyboards, blueprints, technical information and photos. I am also interested in episodes of starship exeter and starship farragut episodes on dvds. Like all of the best star trek episodes, blood and fire finds the enterprise crew facing their own human fears and failings as they have to weigh the costs and decide how much personal risk to take in order to save the people. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. You are currently viewing the official star trek new voyages international website. Tos or just tos, beginning in the fifth and final year of the starship enterprises fiveyear mission.

The next generation and moving on to the third year of the show, both recently and lovingly remastered for high definition. A good deal of the episode takes place on qonos, the klingon homeworld. A mission to find ore and an encounter with a missing federation starship leads the enterprise to discover that an alien tyrant has set up her own version of starfleet. Watch original star trek episodes on cbs all access. Axanar productions axanar is a web feature that tells. New voyagesphase ii, its websites, mirror sites and episodes, the promotion thereof andor any exhibition of material created by cawley entertainment companyretro film studios llc are not endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated with cbsparamount. Craves michael franco talks with assistant director dennis hotston about the new digs and the.

Planet of the titans which morphed into an entire new television series coined star trek. Phase ii next episode air date and your others favorite tv shows. This is not necessarily the order they were filmed and. Lost star trek episode breaches final gay frontier. Phase ii, international is a small team dedicated to preserving the legacy episodes and running the fanclub. Star trek and all related marks, logos and characters are owned by cbs studios inc.

New voyages, known from 2008 until 2015 as star trek. The three existing episodes of phase ii, one of which starred star trek actor george takei, have already been downloaded more than thirty million times. Phase ii is a fancreated science fiction series set in the star trek universe. Star trek phase ii 4x07 the child subtitles video dailymotion. While i wont miss star trek continues, starship ajax, starship valiant, and starship farragut when they are cancelledand the latter three have been from what i have seen, it doesnt seem fair that other fan films like star treknew voyagesphase ii and other star trek films have to suffer the consequences because of peters illegal. We expanded our operations to run the website in four languages. James mentioned that he might need some klingon designs for an upcoming episode, and since he was currently involved in producing a model of his klingon fighter concept, with federation models, he thought james might want to use it for his show. The series was created by james cawley and jack marshall in april 2003. Originally a twopart story draft for the star trek. Phase ii fan series has released its first episode in a year with the child.

The episodes were released in production order, with the cage in both black and white and original color versions being. Phase ii productions is raising funds for star trek. Star trek phase ii 4x045 blood and fire, the movie subtitles. Phase ii was the initial working title for what officially became titled star trek ii, an unproduced american science fiction television series created by gene roddenberry as a sequel to and continuation of the original star trek, which had run from 1966 to 1969. The series, released exclusively via the internet, is designed as a continuation of the original star trek, beginning in the fifth and final year of the starship enterprises. Celebrating 40 years of star trek, walter koenig returns as pavel chekov, the best weapons officer the uss enterprise will ever have. Star trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by cbs studios inc. In 1975, roddenberry began tinkering with star trek. Original series set tour announces star trek film academy for fans to learn to make episode. This was our pilot episode that, while watchable, does not compare with our later episodes like world enough and time. New voyages phase ii, its websites, mirror sites and episodes, the promotion thereof andor any. New voyagesphase ii kickstarter 2015 on kickstarter. New voyages is a fan series based on the popular science fiction television series star trek.

Star trek ii 1977 later to become known as star trek phase ii, this was the attempted television series that would have seen the original crew with the exception of. Phase ii, a fanproduction so perfect that its episodes seem warped straight out of 1968 star trek fans have long dreamed of joining the ranks of. Ive not seen any of the phase ii episodes, but you. Including full behindtheseries information on the show that almostbut didnthappen. Phase ii, was a fancreated science fiction webseries set in the fictional star trek universe. The star trek continues webseries boldly completes the original fiveyear mission. This new episode was adapted from a script written for the original unproduced star trek. James cawley is well known for making the star trek new voyages. Star trek phase ii ups the ante on authenticity boing boing. A producer during the second season of the original series, he also directed three episodes and wrote four including patterns of force and elaan of troyus. I am looking for good quality dvds of the star trek new voyages episodes to serve all my days and world enough and time. Phase ii international youtube channel, run by we offers all star trek new voyages phase ii. We started out in 2008 as the new voyages download mirror for uk and germany providing subtitles for the episodes in english and german. Phase ii episode air dates and to stay in touch with star trek.

Fan film friday how will coronavirus affect star trek fan films. Phase ii was a planned television series based on the characters of gene roddenberrys star trek, which had run from 1966 to 1969. New voyagesphase ii, its websites, mirror sites and episodes, the promotion thereof andor any. Phase ii tv series in 1977, it was rewritten into a onepart episode for this production.

Star trek new voyages phase ii episodes in chronological order. Star trek new voyages 4x01 in harms way video dailymotion. Star trek phase ii 4x045 blood and fire, the movie. These are the new voyages of the starship enterprise.

These initial releases were singledisc, twoepisodesperdisc editions with minimal special features. The series was to follow the adventures of the enterprise crew on a second fiveyear mission, and be a continuation of the star trek franchise. Phase ii season 1, 2 download full episodes 720p, 1080p. Main cast james cawley as james kirk, brandon stacey as spock. Phase ii tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Add the shows you like to a watchlist and let the site take it from there. Picking up from where the original 5year mission leftoff, a new cast continues the adventures of this legendary crew. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with cbs, paramount pictures, or any other star trek franchise, and is a noncommercial fanmade film series intended for recreational use. New voyagesphase ii vignettes and episodes back to back in chronological order. Originally billed as their first episode, it was not well received in jan.

The first episode was released in january 2004, with. It was set to air in early 1978 on a proposed paramount television service a precursorforerunner to upn. This website, the promotion thereof andor any exhibition of. Star trek phase ii reveals the vision behind gene roddenberrys lost glimpse of the future. Star trek new voyages, 4x00, come what may, subtitles youtube. The story behind this scrapped seventies sequel is a book in itself. Phase ii has been making great star trek for 10 years, including episodes. This website provides all episodes in the popular mkv format for download. After cbs announced the fanfilm guidelines in june 2016, james closed down production of new voyages and turned the studio into the cbs licensed star trek original series set tour. News series, star trek discovery, debuts on cbs all access january 2017. Below, you can find all of our episodes, vignettes, and other content including behindthescenes videos, set walkthroughs, and much more. The original series directed by erik goodrich and marc scott zicree. New voyagesphase ii, its websites, mirror sites and episodes. Phase ii, so it is interesting that i should come across this the very first piece of video, the intro scenes for come what may, from what has become the worlds most well known star trek fan film.

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